Welcome to Small Town Health

Welcome friends and interested strangers. If you’re here, chances are you’re either:

  1. interested in health and nutrition, or
  2. eager to argue my points.

Either way, I hope we can all agree that Smart Ones are not really smart, and Healthy Choice entrees are not necessarily a healthy choice.  Whole foods, not factory foods, should be the staples of the human diet. Dare I say eat the butter, skip the margarine? Eat honey, skip the Splenda? Eat a burger (grass-fed, hormone & antibiotic free), skip the Boca? Oh, I dare!

I look forward to sharing ideas, recipes, and conversation with you.


Ps. Please bear with me while I tweak this infant blog!


2 Responses to “Welcome to Small Town Health”

  1. thanks for sharing Paula !

  2. Thanks for visiting, Angeliki! Great to see a familiar face around here ❤

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